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Private Treaty Fodder

19 Round Bales, South Molton - sold March

40 Round Bales, Taunton
30 Square Bales (2017), Wellington
12 Round Bales (2017), Wellington
100 Round Bales, South Molton

Clamp Silage
100T Grass Silage, Wellington
100T Maize Silage, Wellington - sold March

42 Square Bales, Wellington
10 Round Bales, Exeter - sold April
24 Square Bales, Tiverton

10 Square Bales of Meadow Hay, Exeter
65 Square Bales of Seeds Hay, Barnstaple
300 Conventional Bales of Seeds Hay, Exeter
100 Square Bales, Wellington

20 Square Bales of Spring Barley & Oat Straw, Exeter
25 Square Bales of Wheat Straw, Honiton
400 Conventional Bales of Spring Barley Straw, Exeter
10 D1000 Square Bales of Winter Barley Straw, Exeter - sold April
30 Round Bales of Wheat Straw, Exeter